​“Too many pages of history have been dampened by the tears of parents who selflessly separated from their children to give them a better life. Mine did.  Mr. Correa lovingly and accurately captures two such moments in his historical novel The Night Travelers.”

—Yvonne M. Conde, one of the children of the Operation Pedro Pan and author of Operation Pedro Pan-The Untold Exodus of 14,048 Cuban Children

​​“Reading Armando Lucas Correa reminds us of the true value of the small, colossal details that make literature great. A novel full of mysteries and endearing dialogues that expose and disarm us. “To get to the other side, you must travel as lightly as possible.” The Night Travelers is an enlightened novel full of unforgettable quotes.”

—Wendy Guerra, author of Revolution Sunday and I Was Never the First Lady

​​“Here, we have a writer with a recognizable and credible voice, in possession of his own style. Someone who has something important to say and does so with the language of a perfectionist and the gaze of premature maturity.”

—Andrés Reynaldo


January 10th, 2023

Night travelers are full of light



Armando Lucas Correa